Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Five in a Row


(4/2 – 4/6)  We had a very fun and busy week of learning here at home the week of Easter.  It also happened to be a week that one little one was getting over being sick and another little one got sick, so I’m glad I had so much planned for inside learning and fun.

I’m saying ‘sort of FIAR’ for this book because we didn’t really row any one book, but I did use many of the FIAR ideas from the manual for Peter Rabbit.  The two little boys loved the story of Peter and Mr. MacGregor and laughed out loud throughout my reading it each time—they asked for it.  I’ll be honest and say that this isn’t one of my favorite books and never has been—no particular reason why—and Joe wasn’t too fond of hearing it over and over again either, but the little boys—that was another story :-).

Joe and I completed an experiment on growing seeds using lima beans in a mason jar.  He had never done anything like this and loved it!  He checked on his bean seeds each day multiple times and was so excited to see them sprouting!  Jack enjoyed watching the bean seeds sprout too and was just as excited as Joe when he saw them finally growing into plants.  Joe took this a step farther and planted his own bean seed and some grass seeds in little pots and placed them in his bedroom windowsill.  He is still lovingly caring for them each day.  He has decided he loves growing things and wants to plant some things in the garden at Pop Pop’s :-).   **You can only see a tiny sprout in the last picture of our bean, but it grew all the way up out of the jar by the end of the next week.**IMG_8641IMG_8630IMG_8870

We read the book Jack’s Garden and my Jack loved the fact that the boy in the book shared his name.  Jack worked on pages from the Garden Preschool Pack from Homeschool Creations.IMG_8647 IMG_8651 IMG_8645 IMG_8838

Since it was Easter week and eggs are in abundance, I also prepared a few activities for Jack on the letter E.  We read lots of ‘E’ books, used a letter ‘E’ play doh mat, made an ‘E’ is for Egg picture, we hid plastic eggs around the house for an egg hunt—I’d placed pictures of things that began with the letter ‘E’ inside the plastic eggs—and he played a lowercase egg matching game with the plastic eggs.IMG_8662 IMG_8665 IMG_8841

Joe and I read books about the parts of eggs, an egg from the very beginning to a hatched baby chick, looked at all of the parts of a real egg, and then he completed a worksheet on labeling the parts independently.IMG_8861 IMG_8866

Joe made an Easter egg using painter’s tape, cardboard egg template, watercolor paper, a white crayon and watercolor paints.  He used a crayon resist technique and it turned out pretty.  He thought it was cool to watch the paint slip over his white crayon lines and leave the designs he’d drawn.IMG_8782 IMG_8788

I made handprint bunnies with all the kids for a cute Spring themed picture for our bulletin board.  I love anything with their sweet handprints on it.IMG_8670

In addition to the things we did to go along with our books, Joe worked on his daily journal entries, Language Lessons and Math.  He finished Singapore 1B a few weeks ago so I had him resume working to finish Daily Word Problems Grade 1 (Evan Moor).  He has now finished it too.  We will begin Saxon Math 3 shortly.  Joe has actually wrapped up all of his 1st grade texts and is on break before we begin his 2nd grade texts

Here are a few samples of what he’s done the last few weeks:

IMG_8846 IMG_8848 IMG_8850

IMG_8856 IMG_8859 IMG_8860IMG_8851 IMG_8853

And, before I wrap this up, Jesse was with us last week even though he hasn’t made an appearance in this post yet :-).  He read with us and played with lots of different learning toys I have on our shelves like puzzles, several Guidecraft sets, play doh, lacing cards and so forth.  IMG_8655

Next up we are studying nature critters and butterflies as we row the Salamander Room.  My printer and desktop PC have been down for nearly two weeks :( so we had lots of hands-on activities during this row.  We got outside lots and it was so much fun!

Ideas, inspiration and printables for this row can be found at:


  1. Fellow 'rower' stopping by from Preschool Corner! We did this last week and I still have to piece it together to blog about it... but I love everything you did! The letter e' craft, handprint bunnies and the bean sprout activity are great!

    Kristina @ School Time Snippets

  2. I love Peter Rabbit and I enjoyed looking at all the activities you have done around it.

  3. It's good to see how busy you are. Sorry that the boys were sick. Joe has a very good handwriting!

  4. I love Joe's watercolor egg. What language lessons book are those samples from? The lessons looked short and sweet.

    1. Thank you, Julie! The lessons are from Queen Homeschool's Language Lessons series. I love this series and we will be continuing on with it next year.

  5. I love Joe's egg and the handprint bunnies are so sweet! I hope everyone is healthy now, we are just getting healthy - Tyler was sick this week.

  6. I love the crayon resist! What a beautiful effect! And the handprint bunnies are adorable.

  7. Hey, the picture you have of the worksheet/book with nouns and verbs . . . what is that curriculum? It looks like something that would be right up my guy's alley.

    1. It's from Queen's Homeschool series called Language Lessons. I really like it and so does Joe. Definitely something we will continue with indefinitely. He's used it since he was four. It isn't drill and kill, so to speak, but I think it's thorough and adequate to get the point across. Joe has grown to enjoy the picture studies and poetry interspersed as well.

  8. Fun, fun, fun! I never liked Peter Rabbit either, but you all did some fun stuff.

    The lima bean experiment made me think about how I was picking weeds the other day and grabbed one. I pulled it out and it was a sprout coming from an acorn! I was so sad. I replanted it in another place, hoping it will continue to grow. We'll see.

  9. I live in Australia and I came across your blog through another homeschool blog. I just want to tell you how much I love your blog, and I am so impressed and inspired by all that you do for your children. I often go to your blog for ideas on things that I can do with my 2 kids. Thank you!